Everything You Need To Know About Radial Head Fractures

All About Radial Head Fracture, Orthopedic Associates of Long Island Radial head fractures are a common injury, especially if you’ve fallen on your outstretched arm. This type of fracture affects the top of the radial bone in your forearm. Understanding the symptoms, causes, and treatment options is important for effective recovery.

What Are Radial Head Fractures?

A radial head fracture occurs when the radial bone near the elbow breaks. This bone is vital for arm movement and stability. A fracture can vary from a small crack to a complete break, affecting your ability to bend or rotate your arm.

Symptoms of Radial Head Fractures

If you suspect a radial head fracture, look for these common signs:

  • Pain: Intense pain in the elbow or forearm
  • Swelling: Noticeable swelling around the elbow
  • Limited Movement: Difficulty in bending or rotating your arm
  • Bruising: Discoloration around the elbow area
  • Tenderness: Sensitivity when touching the affected area

If you experience any of these symptoms after a fall or injury, seek immediate medical attention.

Causes of Radial Head Fractures

Radial head fractures often result from:

  • Falls: Many people injure their hands by falling onto them when they’re stretched out.
  • Direct Impact: A direct blow to the elbow can cause a fracture.
  • Sports Injuries: High-impact sports can lead to such injuries.

Diagnosis and Treatment

To diagnose a radial head fracture, a doctor will perform a physical examination and take X-rays to determine the extent of the injury. The treatment choices rely on how serious the break is, and may include.

  • Non-Surgical Treatment: For minor fractures, immobilization with a splint or sling, rest, and physical therapy may be sufficient.
  • Surgical Treatment: Severe fractures may require surgery to realign and stabilize the bone with screws, plates, or pins.

Your healing journey will include exercises with a therapist to help improve mobility and strengthen your arm. Always follow your doctor’s advice and attend all rehabilitation sessions for a full recovery.

Schedule a Radial Head Fracture Consultation in Long Island

If you suspect a radial head fracture or need expert care, schedule a consultation with the Orthopedic Associates of Long Island (OALI). Our experienced physicians are dedicated to providing personalized treatment plans to help you recover quickly and effectively. Contact us at 631-689-6698 to book your appointment today.

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