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Dealing With Hand Arthritis

Our hands are responsible for helping us connect with the world. We use them to identify textures, hold things, and complete tasks. Arthritis makes it difficult to accomplish tasks comfortably. Having arthritis in your hands can be inconvenient, but it doesn’t have to bring your life to a standstill. Here are some causes of hand […]

Signs You May Need a Hip Replacement

Our hips are essential in how we move. They are responsible for everything from walking to climbing stairs and lifting objects. When they cause us pain, it can impact our quality of life. Sometimes pain relievers can help, but when hip discomfort returns, you may need to consider other options. Here are a few signs […]

Is My Foot Injury More Than What it Seems?

Suffering a foot injury, no matter how small, can wreak havoc on your ability to go about your life. Rest and ice can be enough to help deal with minor injuries, but severe foot injuries need special care. Hurting the lisfranc joint in the middle of your foot robs your ability to stand and walk […]

Do I Need Surgery for Shoulder Arthritis?

Few things can be as debilitating as arthritis. The pain from arthritis can restrict your movement and make everyday tasks difficult. Having arthritis in your shoulders can make things even more of a challenge. But, understanding the causes behind your shoulder arthritis can help you find treatment options to get relief. Here are some reasons […]

Managing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

You use our hands in thousands of ways. Routine tasks become painful when you develop carpal tunnel syndrome. But, you don’t have to suffer from aching hands. Understanding the condition and making adjustments can help you manage carpal tunnel syndrome. What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) results from compression of your hand’s […]

How Do I Handle A Concussion?

Sustaining a concussion is a serious matter. Repeated concussions can have dangerous long-term consequences on your health. For athletes, the temptation is strong to play through the pain. But, if you’ve had a concussion, be cautious. Although you may want to be active as soon as possible, get a treatment plan to reduce long-lasting concussion […]

I Think I’ve Torn My Achilles. What Now?

Your Achilles tendon is essential to keeping your body moving. Tearing it is painful and robs you of your mobility. Your Achilles is the thickest tendon on the body and tearing it is serious. Knowing how to take care of your Achilles and early intervention are keys to your recovery. Types of Achilles Injuries Most […]

What to Expect During Torn ACL Recovery

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament, or ACL, is one of 3 primary ligaments that helps keep your knees stable. When this ligament tears, it’s followed by immediate pain and instability in the knee. Most people can expect to recover from a torn ACL in six to nine months. While torn ACL is a common injury, it […]

Can Golfer’s Elbow Go Away on Its Own?

Generally speaking, golfer’s elbow is temporary and heals within a few weeks, but there are things you should do to make sure your condition does not worsen. The condition is usually minor, with no harm coming from it. However, using the affected arm too much can make the condition worse. If you take the steps, […]

How Is Shoulder Impingement Treated?

Impingement generally happens due to friction on tendons and nerves. Impingement can happen anywhere there is a joint. Some common areas where impingement may occur include the shoulder, knee, elbow, and hip.  What Is Shoulder Impingement? In the case of shoulder impingement, your shoulder blade is rubbing against your rotator cuff. If you’re unfamiliar with rotator […]

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