Labrum Tears: What You Should Know

suffering from pain in knee Injury from workout and osteoarthritis As your trusted orthopedics specialists, we don’t expect you to know everything about the various conditions that may cause you joint or muscle pain. All you really need to do is understand that there may be instances in which the wisest thing you can do is consult a professional about an injury or chronic pain. That said, knowing when to call an orthopedic specialist does take a little awareness. Here, we will discuss a few things you may want to know about a thing called a labral tear. A labral tear is a tear to the cartilage in a joint. It is a relatively common type of injury. The cartilage in our joints is soft and slick. Its purpose is to cushion the joint and prevent two connecting bones to come into contact with each other. A torn piece of cartilage in a joint can result in inflammation, stiffness, and pain. Unfortunately, these symptoms are similar to other joint injuries and conditions like osteoarthritis. Fortunately, a board-certified orthopedic specialist knows which tests to perform to come to an accurate diagnosis. At Orthopedic Associates of Long Island, we specialize in evaluating and treating a wide variety of joint injuries, including labrum tears, so our patients receive the utmost care that gets them back to their best lives.

A Labrum Tear May Not Be What You Imagine

When we think of joint injuries, we tend to think of one particular joint. With a labrum tear, the injury may occur in the shoulder or the hip. These two areas represent the largest ball-and-socket joints in the body. These types of joints are extremely flexible and susceptible to injury. The labrum is a soft, flexible piece of cartilage that covers the ball-shaped bone in the joint. In the hip, this is the top of the thigh bone. In the shoulder, it is the top of the humerus of the upper arm.

Athletes are Most Commonly Affected by Labrum Tears Two of the most common reasons for labrum tears are trauma and repetitive overuse. People who play sports that involve overhead motions like throwing, or who play high-contact sports have the highest risk of suffering labrum tears in the shoulder. Examples include softball, baseball, and swimming. Sports like soccer, hockey, and golf present higher risks for labrum tears in the hip. Either joint could be injured in other ways, too, such as an auto accident or a fall.

Labrum Tears May be Challenging in Terms of Diagnosis

All types of joint injuries can be complex. Some tears occur quickly as a result of sudden injury. Some show up randomly due to consistent overuse and degradation of the joint. Some of the signs that may indicate a labrum tear either in the shoulder or the hip include joint clicking, limited range of motion, joint pain, and stiffness. A tear in the labrum of the hip may cause groin pain in addition to other symptoms. Because other joint conditions could also cause similar symptoms, it can be challenging to reach an accurate diagnosis.

Our team of specialists performs a thorough consultation and examination that includes appropriate imaging for every one of our patients. We understand that an accurate diagnosis lays the foundation for proper care and optimal patient outcomes. If you have been living with persistent shoulder or hip pain, talk to a specialist. Early action for injured joints facilitates better results in most cases. Orthopedic Associates of Long Island has seven locations to serve our patients. Contact us today to arrange a visit to an office near you.

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