Reasons for knee replacement surgery

  • Posted on: Dec 15 2020
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istock 912389656 1The knee is an important joint of the body that allows us to walk, run, and jump. When an injury or condition makes the knee area painful, it can dramatically impact one’s quality of life. Without the ability to move around without pain, many patients find that they start leading sedentary lifestyles. They may not be as active as they used to be, and they may find it impossible to perform certain everyday tasks and activities. This is why the team at Orthopedic Associates of Long Island work directly with patients who are struggling with knee concerns to determine if they are a good candidate for knee replacement surgery.

What happens during knee replacement surgery?

Any surgical replacement of a bone or joint is considered an invasive procedure. However, this surgery can significantly improve one’s daily quality of life if it allows them to move around again without pain. Patients who consider knee replacement surgery may choose between a partial or full replacement, depending on the condition that is causing their pain and the location of the condition. The knee may be damaged by an injury or may be impacted by arthritis, which commonly affects older patients and causes stress on the knee joint. The knee replacement surgery may replace more than one area of the knee, depending on the patient’s unique needs.

Why might a patient consider knee replacement surgery?

Common reasons why patients have knee replacement surgery include:

  • Arthritis that has significantly damaged or weakened parts of the knee
  • To decrease pain and discomfort that cannot be managed with therapy or medication
  • Increasing mobility so patients can continue to stay active and participate in normal activities
  • To improve overall quality of life by improving the knee’s functionality

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With seven locations, our team of professionals can help you in restoring function to the knee after knee surgery. If you are considering certain procedures such as knee replacement, we strongly advise you to call our main line at (631) 689-6698 to request a consultation appointment with one of our doctors. We can evaluate you, determine the cause of your condition, and make appropriate recommendations to ensure conservative treatment whenever possible.

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