The benefits of hip replacement

  • Posted on: Dec 30 2020
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hipsOne of the largest joints in the entire body that offer the most weight-bearing is that of the hip joint. The hip joint includes the thigh bone and pelvis, which are ball-and-socket joints that allow us to stand and walk correctly. When arthritis or other types of conditions are impacting these joints, it can bring about extensive pain and discomfort, while also significantly limiting one’s daily activities. In situations such as this, patients who visit Orthopedic Associates of Long Island may strongly consider the advantages of hip replacement surgery.

What to expect from hip replacement surgery?

There are different types of hip replacement surgery, including partial and total hip replacement. When a patient is diagnosed with a condition that significantly impacts their hip area, they are often educated on their condition and certain treatments are recommended. In most cases, our providers will make conservative recommendations for patients, such as physical therapy or medication for pain management. However, when these solutions no longer work, hip replacement becomes a very real scenario for patients.

What are the benefits of hip replacement?

There are many reasons why patients choose hip replacement surgery. At Orthopedic Associates of Long Island, we do offer minimally invasive total hip replacement procedures for our patients. This is done differently than traditional hip replacement surgeries, and provides many advantages for our patients to consider.  Some of the more common benefits include:

  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Smaller incisions
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Faster recovery and healing
  • Less scarring and blood loss
  • Minimal post-operative pain and discomfort

Many patients find that with hip replacement surgery and physical therapy, they can restore their lifestyle and get back to being active. This is incredible important for patients who have lived sedentary lifestyles due to their pain, and those who want to actively participate in life with their children and grandchildren!

Are you considering hip replacement surgery?

Patients of the Long Island area who are interested in learning more about partial or total hip replacement surgery are strongly advised to book a consultation appointment with the team at Orthopedic Associates of Long Island to discuss their options. Call (631) 689-6698 to request a visit at any one of our seven locations to get a proper diagnosis of your condition and talk to a professional about solutions.

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