When to Be Concerned About Foot Pain

plantar fasciitis pain in the foot of the elderly Many people believe that aching feet are a sign of completing an honest day’s work. Most people have experienced having a foot ache at some point in their life, but having chronically aching feet can be trouble. Your feet are essential to helping you move about the world; when they hurt, they can hamper your quality of life. Some foot aches are relatively simple to treat and usually go away with rest, ice compression, or massaging. Lingering foot pain may need professional intervention to uncover the cause and relieve pain. The Orthopedic Associates of Long Island has many years of experience in addressing foot issues and helping patients get their quality of life back. If your foot pain has lasted for a while, here are a few possible causes you should bear in mind.

Plantar Fasciitis 

If your foot pain typically presents in your heel, it could indicate Plantar Fasciitis. Experts debate the exact reasons why someone develops Plantar Fasciitis, but in most instances, the condition presents in overweight individuals or those who do lots of running.

Heel Spurs

Another possible reason for chronic foot pain is bone spurs. One thing that can make diagnosing heel spurs challenging is that some patients can go symptomless for years and be unaware of their presence. Heel spurs can take a while to develop, hiding their presence until you experience chronic pain. Also, heel spurs often occur as a byproduct of plantar fasciitis and the additional stress placed on the feet.

Poorly-Fitting Shoes

Wearing appropriately sized shoes is critical to your foot health and comfort. If your shoes are too small, it places extra pressure on your feet and can lead to inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs in your joints, called bursae, which help to protect the feet from the impact of movements, such as walking and running.

How We Can Help

Some conditions resolve with simple care strategies, but others require a nuanced approach. The Orthopedic Associates of Long Island provides treatment to help with chronic foot pain and offer minimally invasive procedures that can help restore your quality of life. For more on how we can help your situation, please give us a call and schedule a visit at one of our 8 locations. Call us today for a free consultation at 631.689.6698.

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