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  • Posted on: Apr 30 2020
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Long Island area men and women who are dealing with problems of the feet and ankles may be aware that proper diagnosis and treatment of these issues may not be dependable through their primary care provider. Instead, patients should work with the team at Orthopedic Associates of Long Island, who have years of experience and training in addressing conditions that impact the bones, joints, muscles, and tendons. Patients who have foot and ankle concerns can find a solution to their problem with a proper diagnosis from our medical staff.

What can be done for foot and ankle problems?

The team of Orthopedic Associates of Long Island can help with the diagnosis and treatment of many issues that impact the feet and ankles. Determining the cause of the problem will help our staff develop a customized treatment plan for each individual in our practice. No two patients are the same, and their care shouldn’t be, either! With a proper evaluation, we can diagnose common problems of the feet and ankles and provide conservative or surgical treatment as needed.

What conditions impact the feet and ankles?

Below is a list of the more common problems and concerns seen below the knee:

  • Ankle sprains
  • Ankle tendonitis
  • Ankle and foot deformities
  • Cavus foot
  • Flat feet
  • Haglund’s disease
  • Tip toe walking
  • Tarsal coalition
  • Accessory navicular
  • Curly toes
  • Stress fractures
  • Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
  • Compartment syndrome

With a diagnosis of any of these conditions comes treatment recommendations from our professionals.

Talk with our team of providers to learn more about what we have to offer

At Orthopedic Associates of Long Island, our team is dedicated to helping patients achieve healthier bodies and function at their absolute best. If you have concerns regarding your feet or ankles and want to work with a quality practice in the Long Island area, we welcome you to book your first appointment with us by calling (631) 689-6698. We provide both conservative and surgical solutions for a wide range of joint, bone, and muscle issues in children and adults, and offer exceptional care for those ready to improve their quality of life by addressing pain and dysfunction of the body.

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