How to prepare for hip replacement surgery

  • Posted on: Jul 30 2020
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Every year, hundreds of thousands of total hip replacements are performed in the United States. At Orthopedic Associates of Long Island, we understand the need for hip replacement to restore the function and quality of life for many of our patients. A total hip replacement procedure is performed when patients are dealing with significant pain that compromises their lifestyle and has passed a point where more conservative options and treatments are no longer effective. Our doctors can help educate patients on the benefits of total hip replacement procedures and what to expect throughout the process.

Who is a candidate for hip replacement?

Many patients who undergo hip replacement procedures such as this are those who deal with a condition called osteoarthritis. This is a condition that causes the cartilage of the hip joint to deteriorate from progressive wear-and-tear. The loss of cartilage in this area can cause the bone to rub against bone, causing constant pain with each movement. Other patients who may require this procedure are those with trauma, bone issues, or certain conditions such as osteonecrosis.

How can I prepare for my surgery?

Before patients undergo hip replacement surgery, their doctor must first make the recommendation. Patients who have milder conditions that are impacting their hip may be able to function with conservative treatment methods. However, if these are no longer sufficient in managing pain and discomfort, hip replacement surgery may be advised. Once patients have decided to move forward with this procedure, they will need preoperative testing performed and will be educated about the procedure from start to finish. Anesthesia options are discussed, and patients are advised as to pre-operative steps and post-operative recovery. Patients will need to arrange transportation the day of their procedure, and will need to take some time off of work and other activities to properly heal and recovery. Physical therapy is also recommended to help patients maintain or improve their range of motion and keep the joint moving to avoid stiffness.

Find out if you are a candidate for hip replacement

Learn more about this and other procedures performed at Orthopedic Associates of Long Island by calling (631) 689-6698. We are committed to helping patients in the Long Island area with a wide range of sports and orthopedic medicine solutions to assist in them feeling their absolute best!

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